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Agreement between Trip in Art and its users/clients

By using this website, you agree to the following Terms & Conditions without restriction or qualification. Before using this website, please read these terms and conditions carefully. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time by revising this posting. You are subject by any such amendments and should therefore return to this page on a regular basis to check the then-current terms.


Logos may be used by any media outlet providing reviews, coverage or updates of Our Brands. 

Image Assets

Our Brands are happy to provide free use of the below image assets to any outlet providing “friendly” coverage of our tours, experiences, products, and services. 

Images can only be used to communicate information specific to Our Brands and must be attributed to Our Brands with a link to either homepage in the photo credit. i.e., “Photo Thanks to Trip In Art” or “Photo Thanks to Trip in Art“. 

Photos may be used in the body of a listicle throughout as long as attribution guidelines are met. The link must be a follow link and cannot be “no-follow”. Attribution link is permitted to be an affiliate link. 

Images may not be used to sell products on any other web property other than TripInArtItaly.com or AroundTheCity.it.


User – refers to any anyone, including you, who visits, reads, and/or uses this site and all of its features.

Trip in Art – refers to Trip in Art Company registered in Italy, Via Satrico 7, 00184 Roma, with Vat Number 14868831000

Seller – refers to Trip in Art and those of which are employed by Trip in Art Service

Provider – refers to any person not employed directly by Trip in Art that provides services under the guidance of Trip in Art., May also be referred to as a 3rd Party or 3rd Party Service Provider.

Credit – refers to credit vouchers/gift cards for future purchases. Credits cannot be redeemed for cash value. Credits are good for 36 months and can be renewed for an additional 36 months by emailing info@tripinartitaly.com prior to the initial 36 months.

Website (site) – refers to https://tripinartitaly.com/ and any links available from or within the website, but does not include any external websites or links to external websites not belonging to or controlled by Trip In Art s.r.l.s or a related company doing business as Trip In Art.

Material/s – refers to physical material and items contained in this site that can be extracted. i.e. HTML, photographs, maps, software, films, emails, video.

Services – refers to the products and services offered within this website; tangible or intangible.

TIA – Trip In Art

Private Tours – A tour that is conducted privately without outside participants. This means that it is simply your group, however large or small, and the tour guide.

Small Group Tour – A tour that has members from multiple parties and a tour guide. Group sizes vary as advertised on our website, but basically, your group may be accompanied by others.

Museum Tickets/admissions – refers to the fee charged in order to enter museums, archeological sites and/or desired historical sites of importance.

Booking confirmation – is a confirmation sent via email or fax that confirms services have been confirmed and reserved.

Reasonable Action — any action that is legal in the country where it is conducted and does not result in a financial loss for Trip In Art or any of its affiliates.

Clients – users who have agreed to Trip in Art’s terms and conditions and have paid or will pay for services. This agreement will be formed either after you complete the booking process on our site by purchasing one of our travel items or by email with a member of our travel planning team.

Drivers – refers to service professionals that operate cars, vans, helicopters, boats, buses and/or any vehicle powered by an energy source.

Radio/headset or Tour Guide System – CE certified unidirectional and bidirectional radio transmitters and receivers operating on short range radio frequencies, including accessories such as earphones, microphones, charging systems, carrying bags, covers and spare parts for radios.

All the Products offered through our website are described in detail in the relevant product pages (quality, characteristics, availability, price, delivery times, ancillary charges, etc.). There may be some errors, inaccuracies or small differences between what is published on the Website and the actual Product. Furthermore, any images of the Products are only representative and do not constitute a contractual element.

Purchases and / or requests for the supply of one or more Products through the website are allowed to both Consumer Users and non-Consumer Users.

The contract for the sale or supply of the Products is concluded with the acceptance by the Seller of the User’s contractual proposal.


When you make a booking with “Trip In Art” you undertake that you have the authority to accept and do accept these booking conditions on behalf of yourself and your party. These conditions in conjunction with the information set out on our website form the entire agreement between yourself and TIA. 

TIA offers you the opportunity to purchase tourism-related products and services without registration. Each product and service include the following features, which you automatically agree to upon purchase:

– booking the tour/trip, part of it or a specific experience, in the cities in which we are present;

– renting a Tour Guide System, part of it or specific accessories, in the cities in which we are present;

– assistance from TIA staff, to the best of their abilities, for the duration of the service;

– opportunity to notify you about new or alternative products and services similar to what you are buying.


Trip In Art’s products are valid for the dates and times listed on TripInArtItaly.com. Trip In Art is not liable or responsible for any information that it does not supply directly.

All requests for booking changes/modifications must be sent to the Trip In Art Travel Expert Team by email at info@tripinartitaly.com, phone +39 349 173 7225, or through our webform.

Trip In Art does not charge a fee to adjust or change the dates or times of an existing booking if the request is received by our Customer Care team more than twenty-four (24) hours before your scheduled tour date.

Trip In Art will make every effort to honor your request for a date/time change; but, Trip In Art cannot guarantee date/time change requests because all requests and revisions are subject to availability. Trip In Art will make reasonable efforts to fulfill change requests received within 24 hours, but will impose fees related with, but not limited to, ticket costs and staff costs to acquire/alter tickets.

Trip In Art reserves the right, at any time and for any reason, to cancel, change, or substitute any tour that you have booked on TripInArtItaly.com.


Surcharges are normally not applied to prices that are fixed at the time of booking. The only exception will be if our costs rise as a result of government action or if ticket prices rise suddenly without warning. Due to the addition and removal of exhibitions by the museums, museum tickets/admissions are also subject to change without notice. We merely say that to reserve our rights; we’ve never had to use it.

Our excursions and experiences are available in a variety of currencies; however, payment is made in Euros through our Rome, Italy company (Trip In Art S.R.L.S).

We use a safe mechanism to include foreign exchange rates (FX rates) into our prices. Our rates are based on rates obtained online, but they may not be the same as our pricing. Our rates are updated once a day and may differ somewhat from those obtained on the internet.

The foreign exchange rate at which we sell our tours is non-negotiable.


Mastercard, Visa, and American Express are all accepted at Trip In Art. Our prices include all credit card processing costs. At checkout, you will not be charged an additional fee for credit card processing. To make a reservation, you must pay in full using a credit card. The payment will appear on your credit card bill as Trip In Art. Tours and activities that are cancelled 24 hours or more in advance will be given a credit voucher/gift card for future purchases equivalent to the amount spent. Cancellations may be subject to a cost, which varies depending on the tour, situation, or instance. Fees may include, but are not limited to, the cost of tickets for tours that require advance purchase. 


This form should be used for all cancellations. Cancellations made within 24 hours of a tour will not receive a credit voucher. Once a trip has started, there is no way to get a credit voucher for it. Management has the final say on how refunds are distributed.


Although our prices are displayed in Euro, USD, CAD, AUS, and GBP, your card will be charged in Euro. If you are concerned that your bank will charge you fees for making a foreign currency purchase, please contact them immediately.

Trip In Art is not merely a booking agency as a result of this. Our Tour Operator and offices around Italy organize and operate all trips and activities.


TIA is not liable for any loss, injury, or damage that arises as a result of using its services, such as robbery, automobile accidents, illness, or terrorist attacks.

The conduct of TIA’s third-party service providers, like as drivers and guides, are not under its control. TIA, on the other hand, will ensure that all drivers are properly insured and licensed to transport tourists in their area.


Travelers who require special assistance must notify TIA at the time of booking whether they have a disability or an allergy. Although TIA will make every effort to accommodate all visitors, not all historical sites are prepared to accommodate individuals who have difficulty walking. Travelers should be aware that, unlike the United States, handicap access is not required in Italy (Americans with Disabilities Act). Some attractions, such as the Roman Forum, will be difficult to reach for wheelchair users.

Trip In Art recommends Private Tours for any customer with serious mobility issues.


TIA is not liable for personal things that are lost, stolen, or destroyed on tours. TIA works with the best transportation companies, guides, and service providers, but it is each participant’s obligation to keep an eye on their personal belongings. Travelers should always have appropriate insurance to address these issues, according to the TIA.


TIA has conducted the necessary research and planning to ensure that its clients are able to participate in all of the trips listed on the TIA website; however, we cannot be held liable for strikes occurring within Italy. TIA cannot be held liable if a museum or archeological site closes due to a strike because there is no way to know in advance. We will do our best to reschedule any affected tours, but we cannot promise that we will be able to meet client demands. In Italy, the majority of museums reserve the authority to close at any time for whatever reason they feel necessary. TIA is not liable for decisions made by archeological sites, museums, or religious administration.


Any youngster under the age of majority who takes part in a TIA Tour, TIA GUIDED Vacations, or TIA service must be accompanied and supervised by an adult during the entire of the city tour/vacation package/service. TIA, or anybody working with TIA, cannot be held liable for underage children while on a TIA city tour/vacation package/service.

Last Update: 22/2/2022